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For Reservations & Enquiries Please Telephone (01308) 455688
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Entertainment at Beach & Barnicott

Beach & Barnicott's ground floor bar is a vibrant meeting place in Bridport.
The unique "bar on rails" rolls back to allow more room for larger events.

Every Friday night is live music night at Beach & Barnicott, South Street, Bridport.  Come and hear some weird and wonderful live, soulful  music.

David and Emma

Friday 24th October at Beach & Barnicott  8.30pm

Dave EmmaEmma McEvoy, known as one of the most exquisite and versatile violinists in the South West

Has performed with Dave Squirrel for several years in various acoustic ensembles including Up and Running and The Yellow Room.

David Squirrell has been playing stringed instruments since he was five and started with ukulele. He discovered the mandolin family in his late teens and didn’t look back. He plays as part of several ensembles seeking out new combinations of instrument and exploring traditional folk music from a variety of cultures. He has created a unique sound with Melodeon and Mandolin.

Playing throughout Dorset, Devon, Somerset and Hampshire, Dave and Emma perform original and traditional folk music from Europe and the British Isles and irresistibly toe-tapping jigs, reels, hornpipes and waltzes; the music of rural England, Scotland and Ireland.

A dynamic fusion of banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin starts tomorrow at 8.30 at Beach & Barnicott. Entry is Free. For dinner bookings phone 01308 455688