Creating Vape-Friendly Restaurant Spaces – Three Design Principles

As vaping gains approval, restaurant owners must yield to customer demands, especially those that touch on their comfort and preferences. It is a no-brainer that designing dining spaces that favour people who vape creates a win-win situation, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable dining experience for all. Disposable Lost Mary Vape pens, for instance, have played a vital role in ensuring vape pens attract considerable attention in dining spaces, especially in restaurants.

Disposable Vape Pens

Disposable vape pens such as the Lost Mary Vape are increasingly popular due to their convenience and ease of use. As such, restaurants can cater to vapers by offering disposable vape pen accessories. This could include designated charging stations, a variety of Lost Mary Vape pen flavours for sale, or even branded vape pens as promotional items. Providing these amenities encourages vapers to visit your establishment and create an admirable dining experience.

Here are some restaurant design principles that cater to vapers and address the growing trend of disposable vape pens.

1. Have Dedicated Vaping Zones

To create a comfortable and inclusive environment for all customers, consider designating specific areas within your restaurant for vaping. This approach addresses the preferences of both vapers and non-vapers. However, these zones should be well-ventilated to ensure the vapour doesn’t affect other guests’ dining experiences.

2. Improve on Ventilation and Air Quality

Proper ventilation is central in a vape-friendly restaurant. Quality ventilation systems help disperse vape clouds, maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. In light of this, investing in air purification systems, such as HEPA filters, enhances the restaurant’s air quality for a healthy and enjoyable dining experience.

3. Introduce Some Outdoor Seating Areas

Designing an outdoor seating area can be a win-win for both vapers and non-vapers. The open-air environment allows vapers to indulge without impacting indoor guests. Creating a pleasant outdoor atmosphere with comfortable seating and adequate heating or cooling can make these spaces enticing year-round.

With these considerations in mind, your establishment can cater to a diverse clientele while embracing the preferences of vapers and non-vapers alike.

Creating Vape-Friendly Restaurant Spaces – Three Design Principles

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