Restaurant Design

Why Restaurant Owners Are Turning To Wallpaper

One of the latest trends in interior design is wallpaper. We are witnessing a shift from paint to wallpaper. Restaurant owners are among those who prefer wallpaper. This begs the question, what are the advantages of wallpaper over paint? Wallpaper is Available Online To start, wallpaper is readily available nowadays because of the growth of […]

Creating Vape-Friendly Restaurant Spaces – Three Design Principles

As vaping gains approval, restaurant owners must yield to customer demands, especially those that touch on their comfort and preferences. It is a no-brainer that designing dining spaces that favour people who vape creates a win-win situation, ensuring an inclusive and enjoyable dining experience for all. Disposable Lost Mary Vape pens, for instance, have played […]

How to Make Your Restaurant Environmentally Sustainable

Sustainable business practices are becoming a non-negotiable concept in every industry. So it makes sense that the hospitality industry should be the primary target, considering the amount of food waste they produce and, in some cases, the number of plastic containers they use. If you are running a restaurant business, you should think of ways […]

Finding the Right Uniform for Your Restaurant

While the decor and food can make or break a visit to a restaurant for customers, the importance of the uniform being worn by staff shouldn’t be underestimated either. Staff uniforms should be smart yet practical and kept clean and presentable. Continue reading for our advice on finding the ideal uniform for your restaurant staff. […]

Creating an Environmentally-Friendly Restaurant

Nowadays, creating and running a restaurant is more complicated than simply furnishing a room and having a great menu. People expect an experience, an ambience, a unique selling point when dining out. You need to think of a suitable theme that will work throughout the restaurant, from its food to its decor. As there are […]

How Restaurants Can Use Social Media to Market Themselves

Social media is becoming a force in digital marketing. With over 3.6 billion people using social media, the possibilities are endless on how restaurants can position themselves on social media and get the attention of potential clients. It starts with choosing the right platform. The best that works for restaurant businesses are those that combine […]

The Importance of Quality Wallpaper for Restaurants

Suppose you are just starting your restaurant business. In that case, you need to think carefully about the style and decor you require to attract customers. You need to keep your regular customers coming back for more and attract new clientele. An important consideration is the type of ambience created by your establishment. What better […]

How to Choose the Right Lighting for a Restaurant

Restaurants must be carefully designed to give a positive experience to their customers. Lighting is often overlooked, yet it is one of the elements that bring a cozy and vibrant ambiance. So, what vibe do you want to create in your business? Choosing the best lighting is the key to achieving the desired look. Here […]

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