How to Make Your Restaurant Environmentally Sustainable

Sustainable business practices are becoming a non-negotiable concept in every industry. So it makes sense that the hospitality industry should be the primary target, considering the amount of food waste they produce and, in some cases, the number of plastic containers they use. If you are running a restaurant business, you should think of ways that you can make your company environmentally sustainable.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use foods that are in season: The fuel used and the carbon emission that happens when you drive to buy food items to use in the restaurant can significantly reduce if you shop locally. If you have to use transport to go a long distance to buy food, chances are that you are buying in bulk and having to refrigerate them, and this ends up using a lot of energy.
  • Grow your own food: If possible, you should consider growing your own food items. Lease or acquire land and start growing your own produce. It will not only be sustainable for the environment, but it will also give you good reviews.
  • Spice up your menu: Many restaurants have resolved to embrace sustainable options, and yours should not be left behind. Come up with plant-based food options to replace meats and dairy.
  • Address food wastage: Have an audit plan in your kitchen to find out areas in which food wastage is experienced the most. The food that is thrown into landfills ends up emitting methane, which is harmful to the environment.
  • Use sustainable packaging and utensils: Cut down on the plastic you use and start using biodegradable packaging materials and utensils. Come up with a reward plan for customers who opt for sustainable options. Do not offer plastic utensils with every delivery unless the customer has specifically asked for them.

Once you make it a mandate to become a sustainable business, it is easier to encourage employees to follow through. Start today, even if it is a small initiative.

How to Make Your Restaurant Environmentally Sustainable

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