Different Restaurant Design Inspiration

Sometimes the best way to get inspiration for a new space is to look at the best of the best. This is the case for everything from decorating a cake to designing a restaurant. If you are looking to design a restaurant, whether your own, or someone else’s, here are some great reference points for different styles and inspiration:

  • Eleven Madison Park is located, shockingly, at 11 Madison Avenue in New York City. It is ranked within the top 50 restaurants in the world by various sources, and has been for a number of years. It is ranked the best not only for the great food and atmosphere but also for its stunning design. It was designed by a firm called Bentel & Bentel and has been open since 1998. When the restaurant was revamped, the design focused on pulling elements of nature and history and combining them into a warm, welcoming and timeless design.
  • Mirazur; located in the beautiful coastal town of Menton, France, this Michelin star restaurant is known for its incredible design. The floor to ceiling windows create a bright and airy space with views that are astounding. The décor is subtle and emphasizes the view, a strategy that is leveraged by many restaurants set with views of water, mountains, and other design enhancements provided by mother nature herself.
  • >Attica; located in Melbourne, Attica is a restaurant with a design opposite of Mirazur. It is dark and intimate. It was designed with only a handful of tables being able to fit, create an intimate and personalized dining experience. The idea was to focus on romance and to create a sophisticated feel. The space is small, but well thought out and laid out.
  • Dinner by Heston Blumenthal; This restaurant, located in London, is sleek and industrial. It is modern it is décor and design with high ceilings, copper and metal chandeliers, long, sleek booths to accommodate large groups and an open concept that creates an upbeat yet refined ambience. The design is enhanced by the décor and focuses on a modern and industrial feel.
  • Geranium is located in Coppenhagen. It was designed to be open, collaborative and a space that flows well. There are communal tables that are bar height and designed to create an open and welcoming feel. It has large windows, bright white bars and tables and modern bar stools. The space is focused on an open concept for guests to enjoy.
  • Steirereck; located in Vienna, this extremely modern design is both impressive and unique. The actual building is reflective and asymmetrical. It is striking from both the outside and the inside and is a great design inspiration for designers, architects and other industry professionals.
Different Restaurant Design Inspiration

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