Finding the Right Uniform for Your Restaurant

While the decor and food can make or break a visit to a restaurant for customers, the importance of the uniform being worn by staff shouldn’t be underestimated either. Staff uniforms should be smart yet practical and kept clean and presentable. Continue reading for our advice on finding the ideal uniform for your restaurant staff.


The shirt being worn by staff will be one of the most noticeable parts of the entire uniform, being right in the eye line of customers who are sitting down for most of their visit. For the front of house staff, such as waiting team members, a bright white shirt is often the go-to in terms of uniform. This isn’t to say, however, that more creativity can’t be shown, depending on your overall branding. Perhaps go for a shirt in an alternative colour that matches the decoration of the venue. It’s also worth considering whether you’d like your restaurant’s name on the uniform too. If choosing a shirt, you could have the name of the restaurant embroidered on the front. The name of the staff member could also be embroidered on, providing a sleek alternative to a name badge. Different styles of uniform shirt can also be used to distinguish between various team member roles.


The trousers will also be a significant aspect of the uniform your staff wear. Traditionally, smart black trousers will be chosen for a restaurant or even a lovely shade of grey. The benefit of black is that it will be a perfect fit with any shirt chosen, regardless of the colour. Trousers can also be practical while also offering comfort to the wearer and being available in styles that are hard-wearing and won’t need replacing constantly. You may also wish to provide female members of staff with the option of wearing a skirt, ideally in the same colour scheme as the trousers. Ensure that trousers, and other parts of the uniform, are all available to staff in a range of sizes. Cater for all body types and ensure no team member is wearing a uniform that doesn’t fit well, which is never a good look.

Kitchen Staff

While less visible than the front of house team members, the kitchen staff should still be provided with an appropriate uniform. Chef outfits are usually appropriate for this purpose, potentially with restaurant branding included too. Providing a suitable uniform to kitchen staff such as chef whites will ensure they’re wearing proper attire that allows conformity to hygiene standards while also allowing them to feel part of a wider team by wearing the uniform. Customers occasionally request to meet the chefs who prepared their meal too, so a uniform for these staff will keep them looking the part for customers and highlight the position they hold.

Overall, choosing the correct uniform is crucial for maintaining a positive image in the eyes of customers and can be a continuation of the businesses broader branding. Keep uniforms looking smart and presentable while also being practical for what tasks the wearer will be carrying out and comfortable to wear too. A staff member being uncomfortable with what they’re wearing will be noticeable to customers, so this should never be overlooked.

Finding the Right Uniform for Your Restaurant

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