How to hire great people for your restaurant

Employees are any company’s largest asset and best and biggest investment. No company, from the largest corporations to the smallest boutique can be successful without great people to run them.

Here are some ways to attract and retain top talent for your restaurant:

  • Job fairs; having job fairs can be a great way to really see and get a feel for a person face to face, as opposed to skimming resumes that were submitted online.
  • Training; invest in training and taking the time to make your staff exactly who you want them to be as servers and serving staff.
  • Try the menu and have a say; how can staff serve or reccomend food to guests if they themselves haven’t tried it? Make sure to give each staff member the opportunity to try your menu and also to provide feedback.
  • Listen and accomodate; try as best as you can to lead by example and to create a culture that fosters cooperation and collaboration. You can retain great talent by trying to work around school, other jobs and really empowering your employees and promoting a healthy work life balance.
How to hire great people for your restaurant

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