Fancy Restaurant Dining Etiquette

You can walk into your local small restaurant, order food in your own style, and eat the way you want without anyone questioning you. However, it is a whole different story when it comes to eating at a fancy restaurant. You will need to behave well while at the restaurant. I call this restaurant etiquette. Surprised? You don’t have to because there is nothing so difficult when it comes to observing restaurant etiquette; most of it involves common sense. Who does not know that shouting at the waiters is bad manners? What about talking with food in the mouth? These, especially the latter, are things that our parents or guardians taught us while growing up. So, how should you behave while dining at a fancy restaurant establishment?

Dress Appropriately

While some restaurants will accept you for who you are, some demand that guests dress in a certain way. Remember, there may be high-profile personalities eating at the facility, and they expect to see everyone there well dressed. It is easy for the restaurant to lose such patrons if they feel unhappy. Traditionally, women are required to be in a suit or dress. This should be complemented with shoes, rather than sandals. Men are also required to wear a suit or jacket.

There are restaurants which tend to be lenient on the dress code, but it is up to you to know what you should wear. If you are meeting new clients at the restaurant, for instance, it would be better to be in formal attire, possibly with a tie, if you are a man. The way you present yourself can determine whether or not you will close the deal.

Be Patient

It is not out of the ordinary to order food in a restaurant only to realise that the waiter is taking too long to serve you. Now, you don’t have to start shouting and hurling insults at them as that would taint not only the image of the facility but your image as well. Thus, it pays to be patient, and if you must complain, then do it in the right way using the proper channels. Remember, you are not the only customer eating at the establishment, and some people may have arrived before you. That would mean they are served first, especially if the number of staff is limited.

Swallow Before You Talk

This is common sense, I must say. It is something that most of us were taught while in elementary school, but we happen to ignore it most of the time. A restaurant is not your home (I don’t mean you should not observe this etiquette while at home), so you should mind other people on the table. If you talk while chewing, chances are that food droplets from your mouth may fall on other people’s plates. This could spoil an otherwise good party.

Don’t Put Your Items on the Dining Table

It could be a cellphone, purse, laptop, or even keys. If you must walk with them, then consider putting them in your pocket or somewhere else. The items may be a distraction to other diners, as well as the waiters.

Fancy Restaurant Dining Etiquette

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