How Restaurants Can Use Social Media to Market Themselves

Social media is becoming a force in digital marketing. With over 3.6 billion people using social media, the possibilities are endless on how restaurants can position themselves on social media and get the attention of potential clients. It starts with choosing the right platform. The best that works for restaurant businesses are those that combine multimedia. For instance, you should be able to take photos and videos, and still use words.

Tips on Social Media Marketing

  • Make your pages informative: Give as many details about your restaurant on the social media pages. People want to know how to reach you on the phone, where you are based (exact location), your speciality, and basically about who you are. All your platforms should be properly updated.
  • Explore multimedia posting: Do not limit yourself to words. Go live on Facebook, do videos on Instagram, use hashtags on Twitter and basically learn how to take advantage of different platforms.
  • Get professional photos: Visuals can tell a powerful story that inspire people. When it comes to the food business, visuals are everything. The decadent cream flowing into pastry is what someone needs to see to visit or order from a restaurant.
  • Engage actively: Social media is about building and maintaining relationships. Respond to comments from users on your page, take feedback from people and apologise if a customer complains about your services. It is through interacting actively that you will get a big following and earn people’s trust.
  • Post at the right time: if you want people to come to your restaurant, post about lunch towards midday when they are looking for where to eat. The same applies to all meals.

Consider hiring a social media manager especially if you have a busy restaurant. The essence of social media is to market your brand and connect with as many people as possible.

How Restaurants Can Use Social Media to Market Themselves

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