Leveraging the power of contests

Contests are another great way to engage customers and guests and to create and continue a two way conversation with new and existing guests. Contests come in different shapes and sizes and can be used and leveraged in different ways.

There are contests to generate new business. These contests are a way of getting new guests through the door. This can be a contest in your restaurant whereby new guests get a ballot to win a prize, or can be something more digital whereby if new guests follow you on social media, they are entered to win a free meal, or anything similar.

You can also have contests and promotions to reward and acknowledge loyal customers. THis could be a loyalty program or maybe a contest where if guests leave their business card, they could win free lunch for them and their colleagues. There are many ways to do this and there are no real limits to this.

Contests and promotions are a fun way to start conversation about your restaurant and to stand out amidst competition. It is a low cost way with a high return and value for your restaurant.

Leveraging the power of contests

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