Creative ways to leverage social media

There are 101 ways that restaurant owners can use and leverage social media. There are no limits, but some of the ways that restaurants are successfully leveraging social media to grow and promote their restaurants:

  • Bloggers and influencers; doing your research and strategically reaching out to local bloggers and influencers and getting them on board to visit your restaurant and write blog posts, create posts and take pictures is a way to organically grow your business.
  • Web presence; despite the age of social media, it is important not to rule out website and web presence. Websites are still and important and crucial way to disseminate information to new and prospective guests.
  • Start conversation; even though you risk negative feedback, starting conversations and asking direct questions is a great way to get valuable opinions and feedback, even if it isn’t all positive. It also makes your restuarant seem more human and relatable when the conversation is two way.
  • Social media ads; paying for ads and posts and payng to promote your content is a good way to boost the visibility of your posts and information.
Creative ways to leverage social media

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