Restaurant Decor

Choosing decor and accessories for a restaurant can be daunting and overwhelming, where to start ? Here are some places you may not have thought of looking- but maybe should:

  • Antique stores; try a local antique shop or even taking a day trip to different antique shops in your region. This will guarantee unique pieces that will leave lasting impressions and start conversation.
  • Thrift shop; OFten you can find great wall decor or things that may need a little face lift but that have great potential. Thrift stores are great for your wallet and are even better if you are someone good at or who enjoys a good DIY project.
  • Traveling; if you, your friends, family, coworkers or anyone is traveling, you can always add things to your restaurant decor from some of your favourite places in the world. This makes a restaurant more personal and inviting to guests.
  • Online; when in doubt, check online! You can always find what you need at various stores online. Online is a great way to shop to compare prices and similar items, but be patient as sometimes things do not look in real life as they do in a photo.
Restaurant Decor

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