Restaurant Furniture

If you have taken your business plan from paper to actual concept and you’re ready to furnish your restaurant, getting it one step closer to a reality, then look no further. Below are some guidelines and considerations when choosing or starting your furniture shopping for a new restaurant, or for new furniture for an existing restaurant that may just need a face lift

  • Understand and stick to your concept; perhaps you have a mermaid themed restaurant or maybe something more realistic and mainstream like a gastropub. No matter the theme or the concept, make sure that you keep that concept in mind to keep the furniture in line with this concept and to ensure the feel is consistent throughout.
  • You get what you pay for; buying commercial grade and restaurant grade furniture and appliances is important. This isn’t the kitchen table for your house and small family, there will be a number of people, hundreds even, who may sit at this table on weekly basis. This means that furniture, especially tables and chairs, should be able to withstand the volume you expect. With that said, if you are a smaller restaurant or catering to a niche or handful of people at a time, perhaps more unique and novel furniture is worth it.
  • Aim for dual purpose items; this means trying to find things that can serve multiple purposes which saves both space and cost. For example, perhaps outdoor bar stools in the summer turn into extra indoor seating in the winter. Maybe there are hooks on your tables for purses and coats to eliminate the need for a coat rack or room.
  • Don’t be afraid of different;Try different colours and textures and shapes to give your restaurant a different and unique look and feel.
Restaurant Furniture

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