Restaurant Lighting

Lighting may be one of the most underrrated components and considerations when redecorating or decorating a restaurant for the first time. Consider:

  • Amount of natural light; how much natural light do you get and will you rely mostly on it during the day time? Remember that there are parts of the day, such as when the sun is setting that may cause the natural light and the sun to actually irritate guests.
  • Lamps; lamps create a cozy vibe and can be a great light source for small spaces or at individual tables. You can buuy lamps to fit any look or concept.
  • Bar lights; consider what you will use for your bar as it is important the bartender can see what they are doing and where messes and broken glass are.
  • Outdoor lighting; if you have a patio or outdoor space, how will you light this space up at night? Further, how will you enable guests to see on their way in and out of your restaurant if it is dark outside.
  • Level and type of light; brighter, more white lights can be best suited for modern and open spaces and yellow, dimmer light can be good for more sleek, intimate and sometimes traditional settings.
Restaurant Lighting

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